Pistol Level 2 - Combat accuracy and efficiency in defensive shooting

The aim of this course is to build on the knowledge gained from the Pistol Level 1 course, and to systematically build confidence in handling and shooting a pistol, through interpretation and practical drills.

Course dates

01.10.2023 08:00 Voľné Sign in

Description and goals of course

Graduates of the course are made aware of the possible malfunctions of the pistol when firing and with the help of explanations and practical drills they learn how to eliminate them effectively and thus keep the pistol in the fight.

What is waiting for you? (overview of course)

  • Security check
  • Repetition with scatter, Initial reaction
  • Troubleshooting
  • Shooting at various distances
  • Throttle drill
  • Situation assessment
  • Shooting after physical load
  • Contacts from different directions
  • Final 3D scenario

What to take with you

  • Notepad and stationery
  • Clothes by season
  • Clothes for rain
  • Good belt
  • Pistol and magazines (3pcs) (rentable: 10,-EUR/day)
  • Eye and ear protection, pistol holster and magazine pouches 
  • Number of cartridges: 300 pcs (possibility to buy: 100,- Euro / 300 pcs.)

Information about course

Course place Training complex Drapliak
Max. capacity 12
Duration 1 day / 6 hours
Predispositions The course is open to civilians without a firearms licence and all armed forces.

The course is open only to graduates of the course: Pistol Level 1 - Safety and Tactics in Defensive Shooting
Price 99.00 eur
Zakúpením získate 5 RDA bodov

Course dates

01.10.2023 08:00 Voľné
We preparing another dates

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